Redfin Asset Management provides separately managed discretionary and advisory investment services.

Our wealth management service provides clients with the ability to individually tailor their strategic asset allocation needs, both initially and through a process of disciplined review and rebalancing. Thereafter, clients are also assisted with any tactical asset allocation advice that they may wish to employ in the management of their portfolio. This is achieved through a robust, in-house investment process, founded upon the principles of modern portfolio management theory and incorporating both vanilla mean-variance optimization, as well as multi-period optimization modeling.

Redfin Asset Management uses its own asset allocation process to establish each investor’s long-term strategic asset allocation. This process essentially forms the top-level split between the core portfolio and the use of satellite investments.

Our independence gives us the flexibility to build a network of global relationships enabling us to provide unparalleled perspectives to clients. This setup gives Redfin, the ability to make decisions quickly, identify strategic opportunities for our clients efficiently and provide pragmatic solutions impartially.