Through our global network, Redfin targets and sources opportunistic investments across a wide range of property types including corporate, hospitality, commercial, and industrial real estate and seeks to add value through operational management and financial structuring.
Redfin looks for assets, which are, or have the potential to become prime property investments, capable of appreciating in value and attracting high calibre tenants, which provide long-term, secure cash flows.
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Redfin has a successful track record in advising on a diverse range of new business initiatives. We always look for opportunities and sectors where the barriers to entry are high or the markets are under exploited and only those that meet strict criteria in terms of the underlying quality of the asset, liquidity, stability of cash flows, and capital growth potential.
Given our setup, we have the ability to make decisions quickly, identify strategic opportunities efficiently and provide pragmatic solutions. Redfin has a flexible and open structure that means talent is accessible and that can quickly harness the expertise needed to exploit the opportunities, which will deliver the best returns to our clients.


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